Monday, February 23, 2009

Laura meets Franklin Habit and Betsy Greer

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a book talk/signing by Franklin Habit at LYS Yarns Etc in Chapel Hill. I had a very nice time and got to meet, chat with and take photos with not only Franklin but also Betsy Greer, the author of Knitting for Good, which I've been reading and discussing on this blog. Betsy is so down to earth and I feel like we probably have a lot in common. She lives in town (and actually works at the LYS!) so I hope that I'll have a chance to talk to her again.

Franklin was very funny, of course, but also surprisingly nice and easy to talk to. I thought he would be more arrogant/stand-off-ish for some reason but instead he was very easy going and modest.

My friend Kim was there, too, and got a great photo of Franklin showing off his incredible lace stole, which she posted on her blog.

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kangath said...

I love Franklin's work--I'm glad he's such a nice guy.