Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing...Fine Feathers!

Our talented designer, Janine le Cras, has done it again. Earlier this spring she brought us Autumn Gold and Spring Leaves, and now I'm pleased to introduce Fine Feathers. Fine Feathers can be knit as a stole or as a scarf, using any of our fingering weight yarns.

Inspired by Janine's design, we created two new colorways. Raven's Wing shimmers and shines in a deep blend of a multitude of colors-- just like real Raven feathers. Dove is a soft and subtle tans and grays with just a hint of pink. Both colors are semi-solids, perfect for showing off lace patterns, and are neutral colors that will go with nearly anything.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Autumn Gold Errata

It has come to our attention that some customers are running out of yarn knitting the Autumn Gold Shawl using the yardage listed for the pattern. We understand that nothing is more frustrating than running out of yarn at the end of a project, and hopefully most of you who have bought the pattern haven't started knitting yet! The designer has made some changes to the pattern to minimize the risk of running out and they can be found here, but please still make certain to check gauge before casting on!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

World Wide Knit in Public Contest

July 14th has been declared World Wide Knit in Public day. I personally knit in public all the time (at the pub waiting for my food to come, at the ball game, in movie theaters, while waiting in line at Borders...) but for some people it takes a special day to get out there and show people that knitters come in ever shape, size, gender and color and that knitting can be as sexy as a pair of lace panties, as practical as a pair of hiking socks or as uncanny as, um, this.

How do you plan to celebrate WWKIP Day? Are you gathering with yourl stitch n bitch to proudly knit as a group? Are you and a knitting friend planning on camping out at a public park, picnic basket in tow? Or maybe your a lone knitter, bravely taking on the odd looks of passing shoppers while you knit in front of the local shopping center? Whatever you do, take pictures. And when the day is over, send them to us at or add them to our Flickr Group. We will choose our favorite (or if we have too many favorites, draw a name out of a hat) and the lucky winner will receive a free skein of Unique Sheep yarn!

Remember, WWKIP day is June 14th. You will have one week to submit your photos and the winnre will be announced the following weekend.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning

This evening I've been doing some reorganizing on the website. We have so many colors now that its kind of all a big mess. So I'm experimenting. Take a look at this and let me know if you like it more or less than the way we have it now. Does it take too long to load? What could I do to make it easier to find the colors you want?