Friday, May 22, 2009

Serendipity Skeins

Sometimes we end up with a skein that isn't quite right. Maybe it only weighs 80g when its supposed to weigh 100g, or the color isn't exactly what we were going for (like that time I accidentally used blue instead of purple dye in a batch of Mystic Purple...). Or maybe the skein has a few knots in it. Often the yarn is perfectly usable, it just can't be sold as one of our regular skeins. So it ends up in the Serendipity box and these "irregular" skeins can be purchased at a discount price on our etsy shop.

I just added a bunch of new skeins to the listings and will be adding more over the next week. And remember, these great deals will not be repeated. So if you see something you like, buy it before someone else does!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introducing...The Secret Garden Knitting Club

Join us as we walk along the hidden path and enter the Secret Garden. No one knows what waits inside, bit whispers of lace and hints of color becken us forward through the maze. Holding hands we'll venture forth, around each corner to see what lies beyond. What will you discover at the end of the path?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lovely Emma

Earlier this week the summer issue of Knotions, a free online knitting magazine, went live. And one of the many lovely designs featured is Emma. Emma is a light and lacy short sleeved cardigan knit out of Eos, our silk/merino lace weight yarn. When designer Janine le Cras first told me about her design my first reaction was "a sweater in lace weight yarn? really?" but then I stopped and actually thought about it. I love knitting lace and though I usually prefer fingering weight, Eos is fairly substantial for a lace weight. A lace shawl, my usual project, is a pretty large project when you consider the square footage. And finally, my least favorite part about sweaters are the sleeves. So really, a lace weight cardigan makes perfect sense. It is actually a smaller project than a shawl, doesn't have those pesky sleeves (the cute little cap sleeves can't possibly take much time to knit), and can you imagine how great it will feel during those hot hot summer days? Needless to say, I've already dyed up a skein of Eos for my own Emma. Won't you join me?