Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dyeing with the Reynolds Highschool Knitting Club

Last week I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon Kool-Aid dyeing with a group of young knitters at Reynolds High School. Reynolds is an arts magnet school, so the school really values creative pursuits such as knitting. They recognize that knitting isn't only a way to express oneself creatively, but has loads of other benefits for high school students (or anyone) including an increased ability to focus, patience, skills and confidence to work through challenges, commitment to finishing a project, etc. As an end of the semester treat, the Knitting Club leader--a math teacher and close friend of mine, Allicat236 on Ravelry--reserved space in the Home Ec room and invited me over for the afternoon. We mixed up stinky jars of vinegar and Kool Aid, donned personalized aprons and got to work. I supplied skeins of undyed Back to Basics and the girls did the rest. The girls all seemed to have so much fun and created beautiful yarn, even with the limited pallet provided by Kool-Aid!

I can't wait to see what they knit out of their custom dyed yarn and I hope that I'm invited back again next spring!!


Jess said...

Limited? Hardly! I do a ton of KA dyeing (I am the admin of the KA group on Ravelry, actually), and there are sooo many colors and shades that you can get by mixing. Grape is particularly useful in toning down that sort of neon look. :)

Oh, and if it's available in your area, look for Mexican KA (it's usually under the name "Klass" or "Aguas Frescas"). Tamarindo and Mango are indespensible!

Anonymous said...

Looks fine! Thanks Laura!

Lesley said...

That's excellent, way to get out in the community Laura!!

(PS, I realize that the faces are blurred to hide the kid's identities, and I think that's awesome and respectful...but my first thought was "Holy crap those kids went and watched the video from The Ring!!!")