Monday, November 2, 2009

Bark n Knit Podcast

About a week ago I attended SAFF where we had a booth for a second year. I'll be posting more about the weekend soon, including lots of pictures. One of the many people I had the opportunity to meet over the weekend was Natalie from the Bark n Knit podcast. Natalie and I have two important things in common- we both love to knit and we both LOVE our dogs. I love that Nat podcasts about both of these things and that she always tries to encourage people to adopt pets that have been abandoned or neglected. As you know, my own little puppy dog princess is a rescue! Natalie even took time out of her weekend to come by the booth and do an interview. This is the first time I've been interviewed on a podcast and it sure is weird to hear myself coming out of the computer speakers. She had some good questions and managed to prevent me from embarrassing myself too much. Plus she has some other interesting interviews in the same podcast, so its definitely worth listening to. Check our Natalie's Blog and make sure to listen to episode 37!


Gnat said...

It was so nice meeting you! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me at SAFF! It is always a bit strange the first couple times you hear did great though!

Sinclair said...

A big Thank you to you for mentioning my Project #1 on your blog when you donated a hat...because of that, my project was mentioned on the same podcast (#37) at Bark n Knit! I am glad to have found her also , because I love dogs and knitting, AND my dog is a rescue also. Happy knitting!