Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unique Sheep SWAG

Customers keep asking for us to offer coffee mugs with the Unique Sheep Logo on them, and maybe even t-shirts or tote bags. We'd love to offer these things for sale or as "extras" in our club shipments. But to get decent prices we need to order large batches, so we need to decide on just a few things that we want a lot of (rather than a lot of different things that we only want a few of). And its really hard to decide because there are so many options! So we want your help. Leave us a comment and let us know:

1) Would you prefer a t-shirt, mug and/or tote bag? If you would buy more than one thing, let us know that, too!

For Mugs:
1) Do you prefer white, dark color, pastel or bright color for the main color of the mug?
2) How large a mug do you like? (small/med/large or # ounces)
3) Do you like the standard shaped mugs or the fancier ones with smooth curves or interesting shapes?
4) How much would you pay for a Unique Sheep Mug? (this will help us choose a mug style since they range in price)

For T-Shirts:
1) short sleeved or long sleeved?
2) favorite color?
3) size?
4) How much would you pay for a Unique Sheep T-Shirt?

We need to do more research about tote-bag options before we know which questions to ask!

Thanks for your help!


Guernseygal said...

More likely to buy a mug or a T shirt

With both I would probably be boring and choose white ( because the logo is so pretty any other colour would detract (IMHO)
a Medium sized mug (a decent cup of coffee size 10z?)
and T shirt - long or short don't mind as long as it will fit a 42" bust! XXL?
I'm always stuck on US clothing sizes :-)

danidocrafty said...

I would buy a mug for sure and probably a tote bag as well if they were fairly inexpensive.
Mug: I like dark colored mugs, but I think your logo would look best on a white or light colored mug so I would want a mug that looked good with your pretty sheepy. I like rounder cafe style mugs 15 or 16 oz. I would be willing to pay up to $20 for a nice sturdy pretty mug. Also, more than that if you got travel mugs as well. Up to $30 for a nice travel mug.

About tote bags: I personally like the smaller square ones because I can use them for a knitting bag, a grocery bag, for library books etc. I like natural colored ones made from a sturdy cotton/linen that can be washed easily.

As for tee shirts, I wouldn't mind one but I tend not to wear logo shirts too often. If they were relatively inexpensive I might buy one to wear to knit nights and knitting events though. I like short sleeve fitted shirts usually in dark colors, but again, your logo would look much nicer on a light colored one. I really love those ringer tees or baseball style tees with the raglan sleeves in a different color.

Can't wait to see what you guys get! I want to be all Unique Sheep'd out!

Bernadette said...

I would buy a mug with a dark back around because i think it makes the logo pop more as for shirts Im more of a tank top and sweatshirt girl Id like to see those

Julia said...

1) I'd be more likely to buy a tank top (not a huge fan of t-shirts) and/or mug. Got enough bags as it is.

2) White for your sheepie! And my preference is med/large and standard shape (easier to store). At most I'd pay $15 for a mug (since I'd still need to add shipping to that).

3) Like I said above, not a huge fan of t-shirts. But I'd pay up to $20 for a nice tank top. Again, preferably in white to make the sheep pop out more.

Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I'm more of a tote bag and mug kinda gal. Usually because unisex t-shirts fit me funny. I don't have a mug preference color, but do like them between 14 and 16oz. Fun shapes are always good! I think $10 - $15 is reasonable for an awesome mug.

If the t-shirts were to actually fit... I would prefer short sleeved and a v-neck option. If you do ladies style shirts, be sure to offer plus sizes to keep us all happy. I tend to stay away from white shirts, but do enjoy grey, black, and colors. If white were the best way to show off the Unique Sheep logo, be sure it's a nice thick white shirt that doesn't show your underthings.

As for tote bags, make them a good size and a strong material because they will get used, used, used!! Thanks for letting us chime in on the swag. Can't wait to see what comes out of all the comments!

AlliCat236 said...

1. I would probably buy all three.
2. I would like a white or dark background and a medium or large mug. Shape doesn't matter probably not more than $20.
3. For shirts, color doesn't matter but I love the v-neck, fitted women's shirts. Definitely need a plus sized option.

littlelib said...

I would be most likely to buy a mug and tote bag, both are happy making to me :)

For a mug I prefer curved mugs, they fit in my hands more comfortably. I never use standard mugs. I like the matte ones :) Light or dark your choice, I'd buy either as long as the sheepy looked good. My max would probably be about $25-

If you're doing t-shirts I would want a fitted one, any kind of sleeve would work :) Colour, white or black as I think any other colours would detract from the sheep's rainbow.

I know you're not thinking about tote bags yet, but I have a really cute one from the American Library Association that's a little different and always complimented. I have the small: but they also have a large size :)

Aponi said...

I think a t shirt would be nice, in any color but white because I find that after a couple of washings white t shirts always look cruddy. It would have to be under $20 for me and absolutely not made in China.

Dragonfly said...

I'd be likely to buy a medium or large mug or a tote bag. I don't wear a lot of t-shirts, I am chesty and t-shirts don't usually fit well.

I'd say white for the mug because of the sheep logo, but I'd likely buy it no matter what color.

I would love a nice medium tote. Medium to me means, big enough for magazine or knitting book and yarn.

blopeep said...

I love coffee mugs - and the bigger, the better! I'm also a fan of ones that are a little "unique" and not just cylindrical. Depending on the how many colors you screen the logo, that'd decide me on the base color of the mug.

As for t-shirts, I like both long and short sleeve, but don't like the ringers as much since they're just a bit too casual for work. Long sleeve shirts can be had with "longer than usual" sleeves - my personal favorite since I've got silly gorilla-like arms!

Have you thought about working with CafePress and allowing us to order directly?

Anyway - love the idea. Can't wait to see what you two come up with!

Anna Marie said...

I like mugs and I think a lighter color would complement your logo. I would probably pay $15 for a mug. A short sleeve Tshirt would be my choice also.

BeccaH said...

I love a good mug - larger in size, big sturdy handle - I like to be able to wrap my hand around the mug with my hand in the handle. I used to have a large mug from cafe press - I think it was $13? $15 - I would pay that still.

Kelli said...

I would go for both a mug and a tote bag.
For the mug a medium to large sized one. Roundish or unique shaped. $15 sounds about right for a mug, maybe $20.
As for the tote bag, I would love the cute sheep on black! Wouldn't get as dirty looking as fast as white either.

Jill L said...

I like a big mug, don't really care what color and would pay $12-14 for one. Hope this helps.

Turtle said...

a mug and/or t over a tote for me, and i agree with everyone above about white being best with your logo.'

for the t i prefer a comfy long sleeve but enjoy a vneck, which you can almost never find.

i agree with danidocrafty about a travel mug! and would pay decent moolah for a well made travel mug. I can't think of a single knit related travel mug!

inkdarkmoon said...

Is Cafe Press an option for you? I don't think you have to do a big bulk order with them.

I would buy a travel mug, but probably not a regular mug.
I would buy a very sturdy tote bag with handles long enough to go over the shoulder.

Tee shirt--I am not sure, since sizing is so iffy.