Sunday, September 4, 2011

The wrath of Irene

The flooding from Irene has caused great devastation in Vermont, the state where I (Kelly) grew up. The people of Vermont have lost big parts of hundreds of roads, and many, many bridges were destroyed, including several historic covered bridges.

Here is a part of the road that my family used every day to go to work, school, and even the grocery store. This road abuts the Cold River, so there was more than this one wash out along the 10 miles we used to travel.

It is going to take a long time for this little state to recover. Homes and businesses were destroyed and damaged, along with all the roads and bridges. I grew up with the owner of Wilk's Paving, pictured below:

Although I now call North Carolina "Home" (well really anywhere my DH resides is home for me :)), seeing all the pictures and videos of Vermont, after Irene, has brought tears to my eyes and lumps in my throat. I have seen pictures of disaster many times before, but seeing places under water and torn apart, that I knew as a child and young adult, make this storm much more personal.
As you all might know, we donate 5% of our net profits to charity every year, so Laura and I decided this is a good time to put some of that money to work. We know that other states have suffered great damage due to Irene, including many counties in the Eastern part of our beautiful state, North Carolina, so we chose to donate $1000 to the Red Cross. Since it is an international organization, we are sure they will find a good place to spend our donation to help people in need no matter where they are, including Vermont.

We want to also take this time to thank all of our customers for their support of The Unique Sheep. If not for you, we would not be able to make this generous donation. 

Warm, fuzzy and hand painted HUGS to all of you....

Kelly and Laura


pethair-xstitcher said...

We often are in Vermont, it is our favourite State when it comes to camping and just driving around. I share your sorrow for the damage left by Irene.

HavenG said...

Kelly, I'm a New Englander by birth and in my heart and soul too (Massachusetts). The devastation in Vermont was heartwrenching. You and Laura are really inspiring to me -- and living proof that heart and art go hand in hand. HavenG

Guernseygal said...

Well done you! I am liaising with my librarian at school to help with the drive to restock all the Vermont libraries with kids books. So many libraries were flooded and their kids books were on the lower shelves (so the kids could reach them.)One library has only 5 kids books left - it is so sad .

SockStar/CaroleNJ said...

So sorry for the loss you are feeling and for your fellow Vermonters. The flooding from this storm was devastating in many states, but it looks like Vermont was hit particularly hard. Great idea to make your donation to the Red Cross, they truly are "there" in every emergency and thank you for reminding to make my donation. FYI you can donate $10 by texting 90999 to REDCROSS

sheeplady75 said...

Glad to hear you made the donation. My heart goes out to all who are suffering in so many ways from natural disasters of one kind or another. Floods, drought, fires, earthquakes, tornados.