Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crochet Block of the Month Club

I consider myself bicraftual- or maybe "polycraftual" would be a better term- anyway what I mean is that I like to knit but I also like to crochet (and sew, and bead and weave and...). But a year or two ago I realized that while my knitting tended to be complicated and lacy, my crocheting was in a rut. I knew the basic stitches but had never gone further than that. And that is when we started the Crochet Block of the Month Club. Each month club members received the yarn and pattern to make a brand new block. The blocks are quick projects-- I use them as "palette cleansers" between larger projects-- but with each block I learn a new stitch or discover a new way of putting them together. And after a year you end up with enough blocks to make a lovely lap-ghan or sofa throw.

Club member Gina made all of the blocks from 2011 (the first year of the club) and finished them off with a simple striped border using scraps from all of the blocks. You can read more about it on her blog.

If you weren't part of the club in 2011, you can purchase individual block kits or a kit for the full year of blocks here. We are continuing the club this year with two new designers and lots of fresh, unique patterns. You can sign up for current block shipments here.

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