Thursday, December 6, 2012

Website Redesign

As we prepare for the new year we have decided that its time for a new website. The Unique Sheep has outgrown the little site that I created with bits of twine and newsprint years ago and its time for someone who really knows what he or she is doing to give her a face lift. Well, more than just a face lift, really, as its the bones of the site that need the most work.

We'd like to hear what changes you'd like to made. We are already planning to re-do the way the photos are managed to make them consistent in size and quality, add a customer account option so you can log in and check the status of your order, past orders and saved shopping carts and make the website work on tablets and phones. You can click here for a list of things that we will be working on. What else should we add to our wish list??


Roz said...

Have the photos alphabetical so we can locate a colorway faster?

SockStar/CaroleNJ said...

I would like to see several completed projects for each pattern

Kathy Fraeman said...

Put all gradiance colorways on one page -- right now some colors are only on "New Colors", and other colors are only in some of the "Gradiance subset" pages and not on on the "All Gradiance" page. Give a brief text description of the main colors in the colorways, as people see colors differently on different monitors. Put more of the pictures from the Flickr site on the web page, so that if you click on the main gradiance colorway picture you could possibly see other pictures of the same yarn, especially pictures of the same gradiance colorways on different yarn bases. My final suggestion, although perhaps difficult to implement, would be allow a custom "gradiance search", using tags of specific colors, monochromatic, high contrast, etc. For example, allow a user to custom search for all bright gradiance colorways with blue and green.

(I am a statistical computer programmer, and if I knew how to implement web-based programming, I would SO do this for you!)

Brandon said...

I think the biggest thing I'd like to see is a comprehensive listing of the colorways, particularly the gradients.