Friday, November 2, 2007

Dyeing with White

There has been a discussion going on on Ravelry about using white as a color (i.e. on purpose) in yarn dyeing. I usually try to avoid white but after this discussion I've started throwing it in a bit more, for example in this yarn. But when using a lot of white its really hard to keep it pure white without the other colors bleeding into it. If it even gets close to a strand of yarn with dye on it it soaks the dye right up. So when it came time to dye this red and white yarn for my Spirit collection (they are school/team colors-- can you guess which one?) I had to be creative. This is the technique I came up with:

Yep, thats saran wrap. And rubber bands. They were left on until after the yarn had been rinsed and most of the water squeezed out. I didn't want any pink tinted water to come close to that white!

1 comment:

Jess said...

So was the yarn white to start off with? I've wanted to use white stripes too, but wasn't sure how to prevent bleeding. =\

Perhaps bleach would work. But god knows what that would do to the yarn. Boo.