Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Treats

As a knitter myself, I have a lot of knitting friends. People that I only see at knit-night, but that I feel close to because we share a hobby that we both love. But how do we handle these types of friends when it comes to holiday gifts? I can't knit something for everyone of them- there are too many- plus they are knitters themselves so it seems silly to knit something for them that they could knit themselves (and probably get more enjoyment out of the process). I have a solution. For all the knitters on your gift list who you want to recognize, but not invest a lot of money in, get them a Mini Sock or Mini Sweater kit! Each kit comes with a mini-skein of hand painted yarn (you choose the yarn and color) and pattern, packaged in a reusable vinyl bag perfect for organizing notions in your knitting bag. And the best part-- they are only $3 each (including shipping in the US)!! For added holiday cheer, choose one of our Holiday Colors!