Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come Play With Us!

The "Knitting Game" was introduced to the knitting world several years ago. This is a game where you have a random assortment of labeled yarns, you roll a die, or dice, and knit a couple of rows with the yarn labeled with the corresponding number you have rolled. At the end of a game you have a self fringed scarf.

The Todos S
carf pattern has been rewritten so that the Knitting Game can be played with the 6 different types of yarn in the kit. Not only is the Todos Scarf a fun scarf to knit, suitable for nearly any skill lever, but its also a wonderful way to "try out" several Unique Sheep yarns that you might not have used before.

So that we can all play together, we are going to us Plurk (and online social networking website) to not only Knit-A-Long but also Plurk-A-Long at the same time!

Find out more HERE!

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