Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ivy's Bombadil Socks

Maybe I'm a little bit silly and sentimental, but whenever I see our yarn out there in the big wide world its a tiny bit like seeing an old friend. I want to go up to it and say "How have you been? Has life been treating you alright? What have you seen since we last were together?" Maybe that's one of the reasons I love it when you all post your projects on your blogs or on Ravelry.

Today one of our customers, Ivy, posted pictures of her recently completed Bombadil socks on her blog, along with some helpful tips about binding off toe-up socks using the sewn bind off method. The Bombadil colorway is a bright, variegated colorway and, because of the nature of handpainted yarns, those colorways are always exciting to knit up. Depending on your gauge and the size of your project, they might stripe, be totally random or pool in interesting ways. Its as much about the knitter as it is about the dyer. So its a real treat for us to see what happens when our yarn and your hands work together to create something new!

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kangath said...

Yes! Exciting! I'm playing with Nutcracker Prince in Tinsel Toes right now. Whee! I've had all combinations of stripes and stacking, and I'm really close to choosing a pattern for it. I love the way the Tencel glows under my fingers when I knit, and the gold, green, and rubber band pink really call for special treatment.

I'd love to hear some about how you choose the order and proportions of a colorway. And then are the lengths of each color the same for each yarn? Or are these trade secrets?