Thursday, August 13, 2009

Missing Packages

Several weeks ago the air conditioning in my studio broke. Because we are renting, I had to contact the landlord to contact the a/c repair people to find a time to come fix it- so it took a few days. No big deal, the rest of the house was still cool (thank goodness for separate a/c systems!) so I just focused on work I could do outside of the studio for a few days. Unfortunately, the envelopes I use to ship packages were in my studio and it appears that the adhesive that keeps them from falling apart in the mail was adversely affected by the high temperatures. And of course we didn't realize this until after we shipped over 100 packages. So if you have received an email from us saying that your order has shipped, or if you are in our LotR inspired sock club, but have not received anything from us-- or have received an empty envelope-- please let us know by emailing!!

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