Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wool Therapy

I cannot get enough of shawl knitting. I have made a few rectangular versions, 2 Syncopated Lace, and then decided to try my 1st Faroese pattern. I bought the All-Over Lace Faroese Shawl pattern and decided to use a shawl set of Green Sheep Wool Sport in Gradiance
from the 15-step Joy color strip. (15, 1-5). This shawl was mean to be for me, because shawls and stoles are my go-to outerwear during the cold months, and I have decided that several styles, weights, and color ways are needed to go with my outfits, the weather,etc.

Right before the final edge was finished we found out my MIL was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Luckily it is a small tumor, so her prognosis should be good, but more testing needs to be done before we know what treatment will be needed.
I had every intention of knitting my MIL a different shawl, but when the Faroese was finished and I put it on, it told me that it longed to be on her shoulders, giving her special wool hugs as she moved forward with the process of dealing with her cancer.
The colors are perfect for her, and the Faroese design is also just right, as she lives in Seattle with my SIL and BIL and their 3 young children, so she will not have to worry about the shawl slipping off her shoulders as she plays with the young ones.
So I named the shawl "Wool Therapy" and soon it will be travelling across the country to my dear MIL where she will receive our love in form of knitted stitches in cuddly, soft Merino.


funderbug said...

Really pretty! I am sure she will love it!

kuduja merike said...

Love the shawl, love the yarns/colors, love the story, love you...

Turtle said...

it's beautiful! the temps have dropped here in seattle and it now feels like fall....she will love it!

Tamsie said...

What a lovely shawl; I know it will help her heal.

alison holley said...

Kelly -

This is a beautiful gift from the heart, no less.

Best wishes to you & your family,