Friday, May 4, 2012

Derby Day Contest

Did you read the previous post about the Derby Day Socks? Well as the orders started coming in with color requests for great names like "Daddy Nose Best" and "I'll Have Another" I started to get excited about all of us watching the race "together" tomorrow. Part of the fun of watching or going to the races is the chance to win big by betting on the right horse. When I go to the races I normally bet $2, which means that sometimes I'll win $3 and other times I'll lose my money but its worth the $2 to make the race more exciting.

To raise the stakes on tomorrow's race, we will be giving away prizes! To enter, purchase your Derby Day Sock kit before 5pm ET, Saturday May 05.  When you order we'll make a note of which horse you've picked. If your horse comes in first you'll win a prize. We may even give away prizes for second and third place.

Make sure to watch the race at 6:24pm for the "the most exciting 2 minutes in sports"!

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