Thursday, November 15, 2012

Need yarn NOW?

If you have ordered from us before, you know that it can take several weeks for us to fill your order. That is because we dye to order which means that when your order comes in we have to wind off the correct size and number of skeins in the yarn you want, dye it the specific color you want, let it dry, twist it and label it and finally ship it. Combine that with our on-going clubs, wholesale orders and the occasional show, taking into account that there are only two of us (Kelly and Laura), and you can see why it takes us so long to fill orders. Thankfully most of you know about this so you order your yarn well ahead of when you need it. But sometimes you need yarn NOW. Whether its for a project with a looming deadline or a KAL that starts in a few days or simply because a pattern is calling to you so strongly that you must cast on immediately- sometimes you just can't wait. For immediate shipping you can order from our Available Now inventory. We normally ship first class or priority mail but if you need a faster shipping option, please leave us a comment in your order!

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