Saturday, November 10, 2012


This November I've been eagerly checking the Wovember blog each day to see their new posts. All month they are posting the most beautiful photos and wonderful stories all about WOOL! The month started with articles about, well, the start of the wool growing process-- breeding season and has now progressed to stories and photos about raising sheep. Soon they'll move on to shearing, processing the wool and finally making finished items out of it!

I love this quote from a few days ago:

“Without a thorough knowledge of his raw material, a craftsman cannot do good work because he understands only imperfectly the reasons for his actions. Few craftsmen have the privilege of using a more interesting material than wool; few are so intimately concerned with living creatures. Even the wood carver seldom enjoys the pleasure of seeing the living tree wherein he is to find his finished work. It is by no means an unusual experience for a spinner to visualise the yarn, and even the fabric which will grow from it, while his fingers explore the living wool on the back of the sheep.”
-Elsie G. Davenport, Your Handspinning, 1971, Select Books, Mountain View, MO, USA

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