Monday, June 11, 2012

Discount Coupons

We have a bit of a problem and maybe you can help us make a decision that is fair. At the end of every Mystery KAL we send out a coupon to all KAL members for 10% off the next Mystery KAL. We ask that it only be used on orders including the next Mystery KAL (right now that would be Spirit of Guernsey), but the discount will be taken off your full order not just the price of the KAL so many people will add other club subscriptions or yarn purchases to the order to make the most of the discount. We think that is great and encourage it! The problem is that people sometimes use this coupon code on orders that don't contain the Mystery KAL. That's just not what the coupon is for. There are other ways to get coupon codes that can be used on any order-- for example, sign up for our newsletter using the app at the top of the left column on this blog and tell us your birthday and you'll get a 10% off coupon on your birthday*! You'll also earn a coupon for 10%-15% every time you spend $250**! But the Mystery KAL coupons should only be used on orders containing the new Mystery KAL.

There is an easy fix to this problem. Our shopping cart software allows us to specify that a coupon code only be used for certain items. The problem is that then the discount will only be taken off the KAL, not anything else you've added to the order. We'd rather not restrict the coupon that way because we want to encourage you to add more things to your order! But we also want to make sure that these special coupon codes aren't used for orders than don't include the Mystery KAL.

So, for now we are going to ask you not to use Mystery KAL coupons on orders that don't include the next Mystery KAL and hope that asking nicely will fix this problem. We can resort to the other option- restricting the coupon code- if we have to, but please don't make us! Deal?

*you have to have made at least one purchase off our website to be sent a coupon on your birthday
**$250 spent in one calendar year

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