Sunday, June 24, 2012

Introducing the Garden Collection

Spring and early summer on the farm rotates around the garden. As soon as the ground defrosts enough to be dug we are busy with our shovels and by mid June we are starting to reap the rewards of our efforts. We are just starting to get ripe tomatoes and cucumbers, and have been enjoying salad greens for over a month. The corn and watermelon won't ripen till later in the summer, but the plants are growing strong and tall. With so much natural beauty in front of me every day, I couldn't help but be inspired to create some new garden inspired colorways. I hope you enjoy these bright, juicy colors as much as I do! Like all of our colorways, they are available on all of our base yarns and fibers.

Edmonton Cucumber
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Brandywine Tomato
Sun Glow Corn
Mixed Salad


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Glorious color combinations!

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Yummy colors!!