Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas in the Keys

Laura is on vacation--woohoo!! I'm spending a week in the Florida keys with Chris (fiance) and his parents. Its bizarre to be enjoying sunny skies and 75 degree weather a week before Christmas, but I'm not complaining. I hear that back home in North Carolina they are freezing with 30-40 degree highs, rain and wind!!

The loooong drive down here gave me plenty of time to knit and I finished one of my "tweedy" red and brown socks and cast on for the second. I tried to knit on it on the beach this afternoon but the rocking of the hammock and warmth of the sun made it hard-- I kept dozing off! Chris has also been knitting hard to get some gifts done before Christmas and on some socks of his own. I love a man who can enjoy knitting on the beach!

Now, Chris's family is usually VERY classy and I have done some very sophisticated things with them. But this week we are relaxing. That means take out pizza and Key Lime Martinis (complements of the "Discount Liquor" shop down the road). Thats the second tweedy sock-- I think once I finish this post I'm going to go turn the heel!!

p.s. embarrassing the father-in-law by taking photos of my sock at liquor stores is priceless :)

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