Sunday, December 23, 2007

Free Hat Pattern!!

Well it only took me all afternoon to get this loaner computer set up to upload to the website, but finally everything is connecting the way its supposed to, the passwords are typed in correctly, etc. and I have a Christmas present ready for you! As promised, I finally typed up the pattern I've been using for all the toboggans I've been knitting up lately and now its available to you for FREE! Its a top down pattern, which I prefer because you can knit up until the bitter end of your skein of yarn without worrying about running out. I'll work on getting a bottom up version typed up as well, for those who prefer to work in that direction. One skein of Super Wool is enough for an average adult sized hat, but it does take the whole skein so if you are knitting for someone with an extra large head (more room for brains, ya know) you may want to purchase an extra skein. You can always use the extra to knit up a pair of Twisted Mitts for yourself!

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