Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quick and Easy Gift Ideas

Santa will be here soon, are you ready? If not, here is a quick and easy gift idea to knit up in no time. These coffee cup cozies are knit using 2 strands of Super Wool for a thick, squishy cozy to keep your coffee warm and your hands safe. And just in case you spill your coffee, just toss them in the wash- Super Wool is machine washable!

For a coffee cup cozy that will fit an average take-out cup:

Yarn: Super Wool held double
Needles: size 8 DPNs
Gauge: 4sts = 1"

Cast on 40 sts and join for knitting in the round. Knit three rows in k1, p1 rib.
Work pattern of your choice for 2 inches, or desired length.
Knit three rows in k1,p1 rib. Bind off.

The pattern stitch for the center of the cozy can be anything you like as long as it can be worked over 40sts. Plain stockinette, garter or rib works fine but your cozy can also be personalized with the stitch pattern of your choice. I chose the stitch pattern from the popular "My So Called Scarf" for one of my cozies, and the Linked Ribs stitch from the "365 Knitting Stitches a Year" calendar for the other.

These are the perfect gifts for co-workers and teachers, and made even better by slipping in a gift card to your favorite coffee shop!

This free pattern can also be found on the Unique Sheep website.


allicat236 said...

How does the gauge on the super wool compare to the Back to Basics? I picked up a skein of it in the Traditions colorway today at KP and I was thinking of using it for these. Do you think it will work out okay?

Laura said...

Back to Basics is thicker (its worsted weight, Super Wool is just DK)but would still be great for a cup cozie. Instead of using 40 sts you may want to use less. As long as you make it ribbed, especially at the top and bottom, it should have the stretch needed to fit!

allicat236 said...

Should I still double it or is it thick enough on it's own?

Incidentally, I love the colors! Plus I've just been squishing it all afternoon. :)

Laura said...

Oh of course, what was I thinking? Just use one strand and it should be perfect. Let me know how it turns out!

allicat236 said...

You rock! Thanks for your help! I'll see you tomorrow night at the fiesta. :)