Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lots and Lots of New Colors!

You may have noticed that there haven't been many new colors added to the website lately. Thats because we have been saving them up to release in one big blast. Many of them hint at the warm weather and bright flowers of spring, but mostly they will work year round. There should be something for everyone, from shades of bright pink to layers of rich chocolate. These colors were a collaborative effort between us (Laura and Kelly) and Jen from Wool Girl. All the colors are available at WoolGirl.com, and we would rather you order from there, but if she is sold out of if you want the color in a base yarn she doesn't offer please feel free to order from our website. Or ask your LYS or favorite online shop to start carrying your favorite colors of Unique Sheep Yarns!


Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

Yay! New colors! I had to try really hard not to squee outloud. The mystic purple..? So on my list!! Awesome colors as usual. :)

KTMay said...