Monday, March 24, 2008

More *NEW* Spring Colors

Here are a few more *NEW* spring colors:

Wild Lavender, inspired by a photo submitted by Sharon

Shanna Banana, inspired by and named after one of my LYS knitting friends :)

Raven's Wing, a subtly shaded, dark, semi-solid colorway requested by designer Janine Le Cras for a stole pattern shes working on

Sage, my current favorite shade of green!

As always, these colors can all be purchased on our website


EmDao said...

OOOOo! I like Shana Banana

perdita said...

I just found you on ravelry and I am so excited! I ordered some yarn, even (6 skeins of "primary ink", I'm dreaming of summertime). But going into spring, my brain wonders why I have to play with wool. Have you ever worked with linen or cotton or bamboo for nice summer projects? I love your colorways. ALL OF THEM. I love your imagination and creativeness in putting colors together. And I am thrilled that you are making your fabulous colorways available across the country. THANKS!

(I'm elibbybet on ravelry if you want to reply.)

Sharon Rose said...

Yay!!! :)