Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A silly FO

I had some leftover cotton yarns, that I had dyed to make a sweater, so decided to knit a dishcloth. You can't beat hand knit dishcloths!! There are several bloggers who model their FO's on their dogs so I gave it a try. You can see by the look on my dog Bradley's face that he was not amused by the whole thing. Needless to say, the dishcloth is in the washing machine and will no longer be a doggie "hat".

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risiko said...

verrry cute. i tried to have my dog, sherman, model a hat for me once and i was very lucky to get the hat back in one piece. that was when sherman informed me that being nekkid was the best thing about being a dog and i'd better not try to interfere with the laws of nature ever again. of course, he's a staffy terrier, and very opinionated about everything...but i think if that hat had been knit from leilli, he might have reconsidered.