Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Roving Fibers!!!

I am so excited to present these new spinning fibers for your enjoyment. We don't sell a lot of roving, but I wish we did. Its so fun to dye and then to see how it spins up. It's like magic! I will be posting pictures of yarn spun out of each fiber and then swatches knitted out of that yarn soon, but remember that everything from the tightness of the ply to the way the colors blend can change depending on the spinner. That means that your yarn will be completely unique to you.

So now, in addition to the regular merino, superwash merino, SW merino/tencel and soysilk that we've been carrying, we now also offer superfine alpaca (shown in Nature's Gold), Bamboo/Merino (shown in Summer Rose) and Tussah Silk/ Merino (shown in Beach Sunset). All of our rovings can be purchased on the website and are available in all the colors we carry (plus custom colors!)

p.s. I'm trying to make updates while fighting off what is either spring allergies or a cold, and suffering from lack of sleep, so if I made any mistakes with my links, photos or other website details please send me a sweet email pointing out my mistake so I can fix it :)

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