Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Amani Children's Foundation

The Amani Children's Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides care for orphaned children in Kenya. As most people are aware, there are a devastating number of orphans in Africa due to the prevalence of AIDs and the frequent violence that tears apart communities and families. The Amani Children's Foundation runs 6 New Life Homes across Kenya to provides homes and support to orphans who have nowhere else to turn. In addition to saving lives, they introduce American youth to global issues through service trips to Africa, fundraising events and educational.

Many of you are familiar with our fundraising for Doctors Without Borders with the colorway of the same name. We had so much success that we are going to try it again. The colorway to the right is based on a photo that an old friend of mine took while working with the Amani Children's Foundation in Kenya (photo at top of post). 50% of sales of this yarn will be donated to the Amani Children's Organization. 50%! That's a lot. So if you buy a $20 skein of Verve, we will donate $10. And this offer is good on ALL of our base yarns and fibers. Including kits!

But we aren't stopping there. Designer Karen Johnston came up with a beautiful mock cable sock pattern that she is donating to the cause - Entwined. The pattern costs $5 to download but ALL $5 are donated! We don't keep a single cent.

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