Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Oldie but a Goodie

The Allspice Vest was in the Liisu Yarns portfolio before I merged with Laura and The Unique Sheep. It was designed by Anna Zilboorg, a lady with amazing design skills and an eye for color like few others. Just check out her books to see what I mean. As you can see most are in the resale section for big $$ due to her popularity among those of us who love lots of color in our knitting.

Anyway, back to the vest. This vest is available on our site as a kit. The kit comes with about a pound and a half of Anna's Yarn in 15 randomly selected colors.

My vest is made with more than the 15 colors as I had nice little stash of Anna's Yarns left over from dye projects.

The vest is very easy to knit-- it is all garter and slip stitch with a bit of shaping at the armholes.

It is also very fun to knit as you get to experiment with how colors work around and with each other.

As with most vests-- it can be worn over short sleeve tees in the warmer months and long sleeve t's and turtlenecks in cooler months. Of course with all these colors it is sure to go with lots of things in your wardrobe.

I have also kitted the pattern with our Pima Petite yarns for some of Charlotte's customers.
Here is what one of those kits might look like:

I have not had a chance to knit the whole vest in cotton but did make a test swatch and it makes quite a nice fabric.

So if you ever want to knit a project with lots and lots of color give the Allspice Vest a try.

You will not be disappointed with the fun knitting and classic style of the finished project!


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