Sunday, August 10, 2008


It has been awhile since I posted a finished FO, but most of my time has been spent working on Deadly Spins projects like the Sloth hat and alternate pattern:

I also finished a crochet baby cardigan designed by the same designer of our Sloth hat. The crochet cardigan is based on the knitted EZ Baby Surprise Jacket.

I dyed 4-50 gram skeins of Super Wool
using the Gradiance dyeing technique.

I do not have a name for the colorway (HELP HERE!!) or pics of the skeins as I used almost all the yarn for the sweater.

I used size H hook—up a size from the suggested.

The finished sweater weighs about 176 grams and is between size 18 mths and 2 yrs, so 4 50-gram skeins of Gradiance in Super Wool is plenty.

I crocheted the sweater starting with color #1 and changed colors every 4-5 rows before working back again to color #1.

BUT- the sweater is made with 32 rows, so if you changed colors about every 7-8 rows then you would start the sweater with color #1 and end with color #4. You would be left with a good amount of one color (probably #4) and that can be used for the collar and/or cuffs. (I did not do the optional cuffs)

We will be adding both the pattern for the sweater and the colorway to the Unique Sheep site very soon!

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