Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Wool

Lately I have been knitting up a storm, partially justified by the Knitting Olympics. Though not on purpose, I'm working on several projects using Super Wool right now. And I actually have some FO pictures to share!

First up-- Estonian Embrace Socks. Ok, well I'm not completely finished yet. But you only need one sock to take pictures. I'm about 1/2 up the foot of the second sock. This pattern was written for The Unique Sheep and Super Wool and is really neat. The pattern calls for some new (to me) techniques for the toe, heel and bind off but if you aren't looking for a challenge I think it would work just fine using your favorite toe/heel/bind off. The really special part of the design is the cuff. A contrast colored yarn is worked into the cuff using a unique slip stitch technique that is easy to learn and quick to memorize. And because Super Wool is used on size 2 needles, its a faster knit than your standard fingering weight sock. Thats my type of sock!

Next up-- a tea cozy! Lately I've really gotten into drinking tea but if I make a pot it gets cold before I'm done. So I picked up a copy of the book Tea Cozies, dyed up some Super Wool in a bunch of semi-solid autumnal colors, and this is what I ended up with! What do you think? I just finished it so I haven't tried it yet, but I think a pot of tea might be just what I need this afternoon while I tackle the pile of laundry that is threatening to take over the bedroom.

And finally, an adorable pair of crocheted baby shoes designed by Sylver. She has several great patterns for baby shoes, as well as a couple for adult sized slippers. You can buy her patterns on her etsy shop, but she also sells them wholesale so I was thinking, if there is interest, we could sell them as kits through The Unique Sheep. That way for a little pair of booties you won't have to buy 2 full skeins of wool. What do you think? Would it be a waste of my time or something that you would be interested in?

I think thats all I have finished for now, but I've got a couple more blog posts brewing so stay tuned!

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