Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for being our customer in 2008. This was The Unique Sheep's first real year in business (we started in 2007 but the first few months don't really count!) and we can't believe how much we have grown. The Unique Sheep started out as a dream so unlikely that I actually filled out all the start-up paperwork without telling anyone about it. I was afraid that if I told anyone about my idea they would point out how unrealistic I was being. A recent college graduate, I thought I could make a living selling...yarn? But I did it anyway and by the time my friends and family realized what was happening I had my business license and was beginning to receive suspiciously large boxes of undyed yarn in the mail! A few months later Kelly approached me with the idea of partnership and, well, as they say, the rest is history. 

In the upcoming year we have a LOT to look forward to. In addition to the Ram Club II and Lord of the Rings Sock Club, both beginning in February, we are continuing our Rubber Ducky cotton club and Color Co-op multi-dyer club (both are always open for new members), and in May the 6 Kingdoms Yarn Club, the follow up to The 7 Deadly Spins, will begin. We've also got a few more club ideas brewing but we'll wait till spring before we reveal anything else!

We are always coming up with new colorways, of course. If you have an idea for a colorway you'd like to see, please let us know. We love to collaborate with our customers!

We will be adding a couple of new yarns this year and they will all be ORGANIC! If you keep up with our blog you know that our environment, and our impact on it, is very important to both of us and so it makes sense for us to include organic yarns in our line up. We haven't finalized all the details yet, but we are thinking about adding a sport weight wool, dk or worsted weight wool, bamboo/cotton blend and possibly a fingering weight wool. We would love to have your input about what is most important to you in a yarn.

We hope that in 2009 we'll have the opportunity to dye for you time and again. Thank you so much for your business. Your purchases allow us to stay in business doing what we love most!

Your Unique Sheep Dyers
Laura & Kelly

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kangath said...

Wow! This is your first year? With all those beautiful colors and yarns, I was sure you had been around a long time and I was just slow to find you.

I am especially excited about the organic yarns. I'd like to put in my vote for fingering or even lace weight organic wool. I love the look and feel of many different fibers, but I keep coming back to wool. And the skinnier the better. I use all weights, though, and will happily buy organic anything.

Looking forward!