Monday, December 1, 2008

Gift Shopping

Everyone has holiday gift shopping on their minds right now. Most holiday knitting has been started already (unless you are a really fast knitter!) but what about the knitters on your list? We have a few suggestions.

Our no-rinse Sheep Soap is a great stocking stuffer for all the knitters in your life. Sheep Soap is an all-natural, handmade liquid soap that easily dilutes in a tub of water to gently soak your hand knits. And the essential oils that make it smell yummy also deter moths and other pests!

And because people need soap too, you can now buy our Human Soap by the bar. Its the same great, handmade soap included in our Wash Set Kits. I have a bar in each of the guest bathrooms, a couple bars by the bathtub, and one in the kitchen. Oh and of course I have a few hanging in their Soap Sacks in the shower.

Shawl Sticks are great gifts for knitters who knit wraps or shawls. Our wooden shawl sticks are simple and subtle enough to let the beauty of the knitting/crochet to be in the spotlight. We have lots of different styles available!

For the sock-knitter on your list, our mini sock blocker kits fit the bill. Each keychain comes with a pattern and mini skein of Unique Sheep yarn to knit a tiny sock!

And if you just can't decide, gift certificates are always great gifts!

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