Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lacey Yug

I took a break from my other knitting projects this week to knit a quick and easy Lacey Yug. For those of you who don't know, a "Yug" is a yarn hug- a shawl that is designed to wrap around you in a cozy, hug like way. Its sort of triangular, but more rounded. And like any good hug its easy, easy, easy. For a long time we've had the original Yug made our of our mohair boucle, Lamb Loops. Now we have a heavy weight version using Twizzle. Making the original Yug with Twizzle turned out way too heavy and thick, so we changed the pattern to incorporate a very easy lace pattern to lighten it up. The result is the perfect shawl for chilly winters. The alpaca/wool boucle makes it a seriously warm shawl. This is no delicate little wisp of a shawl, this shawl means business! 

1 comment:

Turtle said...

looks nice, i love the colorway! perfect for those slightly cool times.