Thursday, October 30, 2008

That Color is SO "you"!

Everyone knows someone like this. The person who just loves a certain color. When they start a new project you are never surprised to see what color yarn they have picked out. Its the same color you'll see if you open their closet door or take a peek in their den. For my mom is chartreuse. For Shanna its pink. And for one of our customers, Sephrenia, its red. This customer stopped by our booth at SAFF and I was ashamed to be unable to offer her anything in a strong, true red. Oh we have plenty of burgundy, brick and wine. But very little that is really, really RED. So as soon as we got home I knew I had to do something. So let me introduce you to our newest colorway-- "Sephrenia" - fire red with hints of blue, yellow and orange.

As soon as I reskeined it this evening I had to take a photo to post immediately. Unfortunately red is the hardest color to photograph, in my opinion, and I'll need to wait for the sun to come out to get a really good photo. So for now, this photo will have to do (and no-- there is NO magenta, thats just the camera flash!)

ETA: Better picture!

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Turtle said...

very pretty! i think i am a blue or green girl, hubby laughs!