Monday, October 27, 2008

More photos from SAFF

We are back home now after spending the last 4 days at SAFF. It was so great to see our customers in person and to meet new ones! We've sent a newsletter out to everyone who signed up to receive it, but some of the email addresses were hard to read. So if you signed up for our newsletters but don't receive one tonight check your junk mail box and, if its not there, send me an email with your correct email address so I can fix it!

Now that we are back home we are ready to take your website orders, sign you up for one of our clubs or get you in touch with one of the many yarn shops that carry our yarn. Many of you mentioned that you wished your LYS carried the Unique Sheep. We'd like to encourage you to have your LYS owner to contact us at to get a free wholesale packet with information, prices and yarn samples.

We were pretty terrible about taking pictures because we were so busy with the booth, but we are having fun looking at the photos that everyone else is posting on their own blogs and on Ravelry. One of the only pictures I got of Kelly and I with any of the great people we met is this one of us with Charlene Schurch (author of the Sensational Socks series) and Beth Parrott, co-authors of The Little Box series.

And I also have a few photos to share of my new baby--Honeybun! Honeybun is a 2 month old German angora hybrid that I purchased from Millennialway. She is my first bunny and I have a LOT to learn but thankfully the angora group on Ravelry has answered many of my questions already, and pointed me in the direction of more information. I'd welcome any more suggestions of books or websites I should check out. The husband is still undecided about whether or not he likes Hunbun, I think, and the dog is very concerned that the bunny is going to become our new favorite pet. She has been unusually clingy, refusing to get off of Chris's lap even, since I brought Honeybun home. Hopefully she will relax soon and they will become friends, or at least comfortable aquaintances!


Turtle said...

Looks like you had a great time! Is the baby jealous of the new baby?

Jadielady said...

Awww bunny is so cute!!! I was so tempted, but I had a bit of a drive, and well, I'm pretty sure my landlord wouldn't like it.
I thought I was signed up for one of your clubs and wanted to say hi... but I couldn't remember for sure but now I see you're the LOTR club that I'm in :)
So, belated hi! *waves*

Knit Witch said...

There's that cute bunny!!!!!!!