Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Halloween Colors!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the anticipation leading up to the slew of holidays coming up in the next several months. And first up is Halloween! Candy, costumes, tricks and treats- whats not to love? And then there are the colors. In the name of Halloween bright, boldly contrasting, over the top colors are suddenly completely appropriate. To celebrate, we have three new Halloween colorways: Spook,  Zombie and Punkin'. Spook is more traditional with the classic combination of pumpkin orange, black and white. And Zombie is a bright, new combination of monster purple and ghoul green with black and orange. I've already set aside a skein of this to make myself some festive socks. The third color is a semi-solid in pumpkin orange inspired by this adorable photo sent in by one of our customers. Because Punkin' is a semi-solid, its perfect for thick cozy sweaters to bundle up in on cool fall evenings. 

To celebrate the season, and our new colors, we will include a mini-skein of one of our Halloween colors, a handful of trick-or-treat candy and a Jackolantern stitch marker in all website orders* 
until supplies run out! Happy Halloween! 

*not including orders of PDF patterns or club memberships


Jolene said...

GREAT job! She is so cute; if I do say so myself....

Turtle said...

Such a cutie with her pumpkin! love the new colors!