Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roving Discounted!

In order to encourage you to buy huge amounts of roving to spin up enough yarn for cozy winter sweaters and luxurious, lacy shawls we've added quantity discounts to the roving prices. Now, when you go to the webpage to buy roving you'll see that you can get up to 25% off based on how much you buy of a color/fiber. If you buy 8oz (half a pound) you'll get 15% off, and a full pound (16oz) gets 25% off! 
If you need help choosing, I'd be happy to share my favorites. To the right you see about a pound of Superwash Merino/ Tencel in Sea Storm. Like Tinsel Toes, the superwash merino/tencel blend roving just GLOWS and is soooo soft and silky. 

Soy Silk is also very luxurious in equally soft and silky. Soy Silk probably isn't the best choice for a beginner, but once you get the hang of spinning the slippery fibers the resulting yarn is like heaven. Seriously. If angels spun/knit, this is the fiber they would use. I particularly like the way it looks with strong, deep variegated colors like Day Break (left). 

Can you tell I have a thing for the silky and shiny stuff? If you 
are more into subtlety and soft, matte tones you might prefer the 100% super fine Alpaca roving. Just as soft, but in a different way. Because its 100% alpaca it will have a nice, soft halo once its spun up and will be VERY warm. This roving doesn't
 have as much loft as some of the others and the same weight of Alpaca forms a smaller ball than if it were one of the merinos/blends. This roving loks best, in my opinion, in softer colors with more subtle variegation or semi-solids. Bold contrasting variegation sometimes ends up looking "muddy" on alpaca roving. 

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