Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Colorway and Pattern

October is breast cancer awareness month; this means more than just a chance to wear pink. So this month, lets all remember to do our self breast exams and schedule a mamogram if we need one. It's also a great time to remind our friends and loved ones of these important steps in early diagnosis. Breast cancer awareness is also about recognizing the strength of those who have fought the disease either as patients, loved ones, doctors and researchers and the losses that they have endured. There are many ways that we can support people affected by breast cancer. There are walks/runs to raise money for research, groups that collect scarves and hats to comfort patients, and simply being there for friends in our own lives. And now there is a new way- you can buy a skein of yarn in our new Hope and Strength colorways. 50% of sales of any yarn or fiber in this colorway are donated to the Susan G Koman Foundation to support breastcancer research and awareness. 

Light pink is, of course, iconic of
 breast cancer awareness and support but we added a touch of light yellow, lilac and magenta to remind us of the diversity of women (and men!) affected
 by this disease. The other colors also brighten it up a bit, making this a color of hope--hope for recovery and healing, both physical and emotional, and for future research to treat and prevent this disease and others like it.

We chose a darker pink for Strength, gradually changing to purple and then a dark gray the color of titanium over 4 skeins. Strength is a gradiance color, one of our special colorways developed for use with our gradiance technique. This colorway is available on all of our yarns and in any amount you'd like; if we don't have what you need listed on the website please email us-- we only list the most popular yarns/amounts for the Gradiance colorways in order to conserve space on the website.

You can help us to donate even more by purchasing a copy of one of our patterns developed to show off these colorways and support the Susan G Koman foundation. Ribbons of Hope is an easy to knit scarf pattern using Singularity in Silk. 100% of sales of this pattern are donated. Designer Phyll Lagerman has also created a sock pattern- Hope Floats - that will be available soon!

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your Hope sock pattern to come out! I'm planning to purchase that with a skein of your pink yarn! Thank you for creating this!