Friday, September 5, 2008

Website Changes

I'm making some changes to the website tonight, so if you place an order this evening and something weird happens, please email me. Hopefully by morning we will have a brand new shopping cart! We will still be processing all our payments through PayPal, but when you are checking out you'll be taken to a different "shopping cart" page and asked to enter your mailing information before being sent to the PayPal site. This new shopping cart should make things more "user friendly" from our end and will have a couple of big benefits for you, the shopper. We are now going to be able to offer easier to use gift certicates (the PayPal ones had some problems) and discount codes/coupons!! The main place that you will find these discount codes is in our newsletters, though, so if you haven't signed up yet you should go ahead and do so. We'll be sending out a newsletter with our first discount code soon!

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