Monday, September 1, 2008

Whats on Laura's Needles

I've found myself with a tiny bit more free time than usual lately and so I've been taking advantage of it by knitting as much as possible. I posted a few FO a couple weeks ago, and now I have more to share.

I'm making progress on my Autumn Gold shawl using Luxe in colorway "Maple View Way". Of course, being lace, it looks like a mess right now. I won't really be able to tell what its going to look like until its all finished and blocked. But I'm getting closer- I'm done with the body now and have knit 3 repeats of the border pattern. I'm really looking forward to being able to wear this, especially as fall gets closer.

I'm already enjoying wearing my crocheted "Awesome Slippers". Seriously. Since I finished them a week ago I've barely taken them off except when I have to go out. I used Singularity in Wool which gives them a slightly rustic look because of the thick and thin texture. They are soft and warm, but the wool is also tough enough to wear well. The designer is Sylver and we will be posting half a dozen of her patterns for sale on the website later this week (keep an eye on the blog for an update soon).

Finally, I finished a preemie size sample of the All in One Crochet Baby Cardigan. Its blocking now and then will need to have itty bitty little buttons added. I'll update this post with pictures once I get them uploaded.

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